Florida Orphan Gets 10,000 Responses to Family Request
Melissa Lyttle

Last month, Davion Only stood before a St. Petersburg, Florida church and asked if anyone could adopt him. Today, he has more than enough options. He’s received over 10,000 responses since the story made national news.

The 15-year-old student appeared on The View this morning to update the world on his status. “Davion is going to be extremely involved,” said Connie Going, his caseworker. “He’s a teenager. He knows what he wants, who he can connect to.”

“It would make me feel really good,” said Only about finding a permanent home. “I think I would be more successful and have more opportunity if I had a family and I hope that I do have one.”

In the past, Only said he couldn’t play football because he had no one to take him to practice. But now, he will have more than enough opportunities to excel in extra curricular activities. “I’m going to try to go to college,” he followed up. “The government says I’ll be able to get a free college tuition and I’ll use that to get a Bachelor[s].”

Although he’s going to be getting a home soon, Only says he’s grateful for the group home where he’s lived on and off his entire life. “I would like to thank all the group homes and foster homes that I had in the past that took good care of me.”