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Florida McDonald's Employee Caught On Video Repeatedly Screaming Racial Slur At Black Customer

A Spring Hill, Florida, McDonald's employee is out of a job after repeatedly hurling racial slurs at a Black customer.
Either people have no sense of self-preservation in today’s world where cellphone video and other information are easily shared and accessed…or they just don’t care. And a prime example is a McDonald’s employee at a Spring Hill, Florida McDonald’s, who repeatedly screamed a racial slur at a Black customer. The video begins in the middle of a heated confrontation. One employee, a woman, is on the phone talking to the police. The customer, a Black man, is filming from outside a drive-through window. “You just called me a n–ger,” he accuses. “You just called me a n–ger.” As he repeats his claim, a white man in the frame can be seen rolling his eyes, saying “don’t give a f–k” Around the fifth time the customer repeated his accusation, the male McDonald’s employee screams, “Don’t give a f–k, n–ger” “Ahh! Got you on camera,” the customer shouts back. “You’re getting fired.” According to the Washington Post, it is unclear what started the confrontation. The female employee on the phone told 911 dispatchers that the customer threatened a manager and tried to climb into the drive-through window. Despite the customer visibly recording, the male employee really doesn’t seem to care. “I will f–k you up, you f–king n–ger,” he continued railing. “You’re getting fired, you’re getting fired, you’re getting fired,” the customer taunts the employees behind the window. “You’re getting fired too because you’re a manager. You’re supposed to handle this differently,” he added, as his camera focuses on another female employee. It turns out that the customer does have some idea as to what he’s talking about. The employee who shouted the slur is no longer working at McDonald’s.

“I am aware of the incident involving one of my employees earlier this week,” Javier Ilias, the franchise’s owner, said in a statement. “The disturbance with the customer prompted our management team to call the police right away; and we did an immediate investigation on this matter. This behavior goes against the values and standards that I expect from employees in my restaurants. This employee displayed improper and unacceptable conduct and is no longer with the company.”

The two other employees who stood comfortably by as he hurled racial slurs have not faced discipline in relation to the incident. And despite having the police called on him, the unidentified customer has not been charged with a crime, according to a spokesperson for Ilias.