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First Lady Michelle Obama on How She Finds 'Me-Time'

When she's not being mom-in-chief, Michelle Obama makes a point to have her "me-time."

When she’s not being the First Lady or mom-in-chief, Michelle Obama makes a point to have her “me-time.”

Her favorite “me-time” moments include watching TV, working out and being with her girlfriends. The First Lady tells iVillage she wakes up as early as 5:30 a.m. to workout. “When it’s the school year, I’m getting up early enough, oftentimes, to work out before the kids even get up so that I can get my ‘me-time’ and my head together,” she says.

Hanging out with her girlfriends also gives her the boost she needs. “My girlfriends time is my me-time,” she adds. “Going to lunch, having dinner with a friend is me-time. And when I really feel like I need something I’ll pick up the phone and call a friend.”

And what is one her favorite ways to relax? “That time in my own room with my own TV, watching the one show that I wanna watch,” she says.

“You have to block out time for yourself, or else it’ll never happen,” concludes the First Lady.

How do you find your me-time?