The Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson left many Americans saddened, angry, and confused. Demonstrators across the country poured into the streets to protest. Social media was flooded with tweets, posts, and comments about the racial climate in the country.

We asked our readers to share their thoughts and feelings on the aftermath of the decision. Here are some of our readers’ reactions to the decision, their hopes for the future, and their thoughts on how the Black community can make a difference.

“I was not surprised. I challenge those in Ferguson and those in cities across the country to channel those that have come before us. Those who fought for injustice and stood for non-violent, peaceful demonstration. It led to the bus boycott, the sit-ins and the march on Washington. This is our civil rights movement in 2014. We are still fighting for equal rights.” —Cheryl White

“My thoughts as a St Louis native, why tear up a neighborhood that was already devasted? I am embarrassed a and outraged at the violence. Micheal Brown is still dead and Darren Wilson is still free. We are only hurting ourselves and our progress as a people” —Melinda Masangu

“I didn’t think for one moment they would charge him. It’s so sad that we are still being treated like animals in this country. God bless us all.” —Sheila Simons

“The Grand Jury of Ferguson (as with other local Grand Juries) is made up of local REGISTERED VOTERS. I believe the Grand Jury’s make up is in correct ratio of that cities registered voters. UNTIL WE TAKE SERIOUSLY the political system… WE ARE DOOMED! Our ancestors understood, that’s why they fought and was willing to die for the right to vote. That is why Bloody Sunday was bloody because white Americans did not want Blacks to vote. Being a registered allows you to sit on a Grand Jury and decide the fate of people.” —Yolanda Davis

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“I wish we would truly listen to what was stated and try to understand the point of view from the grand jury and fight for justice in the courts, elections, etc.” —Andrea Miller Jones

“Family should continue to seek other charges so Officer Wilson can be charged in criminal court facing a criminal trial. He’s not totally in the clear. He can be held responsible for Mikes death and other charges can apply. If I were them, Supreme Court is where I’d be headed” —Adrianne Carmelsmile Wilson

“People are shocked. But Lets be honest, WE ALL knew he wasn’t going to be indicted. It’s how the system works. Police can get away with anything now. But we shouldn’t have to feed into the negativity of this. I don’t understand why people can’t turn this negative sitaution into a positive and vouch for a change. The violence won’t change the jury’s decision..” —Damitreya Ward

“It’s time for black people to become heavily involved in every aspect of this country. We need to become police officers, judges, lawyers, teachers, CEOs, politicians, etc. There are not enough of us being represented in the criminal justice system. We also need to stop spending our money on luxury brands that do nothing for us besides make us poorer. Start reinvesting in schools and neighborhoods. Stop being lazy and careless on Election Day. Stop glorifying entertainers and become the role models in our communities. We need to love ourselves and stand united and stop waiting on others to value our lives.” —Missy Simpson

“I pray the DOJ prosecutes him for violating this child’s civil rights. And the UN needs to investigate America for Human Rights violations. #NoJusticeNoPeace” –Anissa Patton