Here’s one way to make a woman angry: tell her what she should or shouldn’t be wearing. The Swiss international bank UBS AG has taken dress code manuals to the extreme by issuing a 43-page document detailing what its employees can and cannot wear. There are the usual ones you’d expect from a conservative Swiss bank; no colored artificial nails, no visible tattoos, no piercings, no flashy jewelry — but the kicker is telling female employees to wear “flesh-colored” underwear and not wear “skirts that are too tight behind.” The rules also add that women should not allow their roots to show if they have colored hair, and that they should not have dry skin. “You should always first apply body lotion to your skin,’ it reads. Well, duh! The Swiss aren’t exactly known for their sense of humor, but this wacky style manual has feminists screaming, “Are you kidding me?” Having a dress code is one thing — many companies have them — but this is downright insulting to the bank’s female employees who can’t be trusted enough to make their own judgments about something as minute as their underwear. Somebody call up Victoria’s Secret. These ladies need a sexy underwear intervention. Does your job have a dress code?