FedEx might return to its old slogan, “Don’t worry, there’s a FedEx for that,” after this heroic gesture. 

Sometime late March, a delivery driver jumped into action to rescue a child who appeared to be injured in a car wreck on a South Carolina highway Thursday.

According to WCSC, FedEx delivery driver Damien Rose, actually planned on calling out of work that day. Instead, he came into work anyway. By the end of his shift, he was heading back to the warehouse to clock out, he saw smoke coming from the distance. As his vehicle approached the source, he saw two cars that were involved in a crash on Highway 52 near Moncks Corner. 

Rose told local news, “So as soon as I got there, I put my vehicle in park and just ran straight to the car.” 

Footage from the delivery truck caught Rose as he pulled over to the accident without second thinking and sprinted to the victims. 

“I heard a lot of screaming and yelling, and they were saying, ‘Get the kid, get the kid,’” Rose said.

Rose told reporters he saw a child bleeding from the mouth in the back of the vehicle.  Once he got one of the car doors open, he pulled a little boy out of his car seat to safety.

The delivery truck caught the footage of Rose walking away from the vehicle with the child in tow. 

Rose tried to help the older woman passenger of the other vehicle involved in the crash, but to no avail because damage to the vehicle trapped her inside. 

Rose waited with the families until paramedics arrived. 

The family thanked him afterwards, but he says he’s the one who feels grateful.

“My grandma got in an accident before, and somebody was there to save her,” Rose said.

“Hopefully, blessings come back,” said Rose. “It always comes back. I never trip about things like that.”

Coincidentally enough, Rose is familiar with the child involved in the accident. The child’s grandfather is on Rose’s delivery route.

No further details were released about the accident.