FDA Finishes Michelle Obama-Approved Food Labels
Gary Miller/Getty Images

Last Friday, Michelle Obama officially put an end to the cryptic calorie count on our food nutrition labels, giving us the ability to be more informed consumers.

Changes include calorie count and serving size displayed in larger font as well as the inclusion of added sugars. Portion sizes have also been updated to reflect how Americans actually eat.

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According to the New York Times, before Friday, “labels were based on eating habits and nutrition data from the 1970’s and ‘80’s and before portion sizes expanded significantly.” So this makeover has been long overdue.

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Most food manufacturers will have to switch to the new label by July of 2018 and smaller manufacturers will be allotted an additional year to comply.

When it comes to food, ignorance isn’t bliss. America’s obesity problem is an epidemic that has increased rates of diabetes and risks for cancer, heart disease and stroke.  The transparency that these changes allow could hold manufacturers accountable and push them to make healthier products.

Thanks, FLOTUS.

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