Father of Slain Chicago Boy Says Cops Refused to Administer CPR After Shooting
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In an interview on CNN, Antonio LeGrier said that his 19-year-old son was not administered any life saving tactics after being shot by police officers. 

Chicago Cop Shoots Mentally Ill Teen and 55-Year-Old Grandmother

Legrier said there was a window of opportunity that could have saved his son, Quintonio, who was shot seven times. 

“I wanted to reach down and grab him, but I wasn’t trained in CPR, so I didn’t know what to do,” he said. “He was lying there and he was still alive and moving, and no one, no one at all was assisting him.”

The elder LeGrier called 911 on Saturday after his son was wielding an aluminum baseball bat and acting erratically. 

LeGrier has since filed two wrongful death suits for $100,000 citing that the officers who responded to the scene used excessive force and failed to provide any medical assistance to his son as he lay bleeding out on the floor. 

LeGrier’s neighbor, Bettie Jones, was also shot and killed during the incident. 

The mother of five and grandmother of ten was struck by police fire accidentally and Legrier stated during his interview that Jones was not offered any medical assistance by officers either.