This Girl’s Father Crashed Her Grad Class After He Was Stranded By Houston Floods

The first day of school is stressful enough, but when your father insists on sitting in on one of your classes, things can get interesting.

That’s exactly what happened to Kerubo Anassi, whose family got stranded in New York City due to flooding in Houston. Dad Enock and his wife initially planned to stop by the city to help their daughter get set up for her first year as a grad student at The New School. But when Tropical Storm Harvey hit, their travel plans were canceled, the Huffington Post reports.

That’s when Enock decided to drop Kerubo off at class. But he didn’t leave. He even took a selfie to send to his family, documenting his day in class. Needless to say, Kerubo was mortified. And brother Omete, who posted the now-viral selfie of his dad, had to share the story with the world.

“The plan was for them to wait outside her class until she finished and then they get on the road, but my father proceeded to follow my sister into the elevator and to her oral history class,” Omete told the HuffPost. “Initially my sister thought it was funny, but then got very upset and embarrassed when the joke didn’t end and my father didn’t leave. He proceeded to stay in class the entire time, get a syllabus, take audible pictures (never turning his phone on silent), and quizzing my sister constantly on the information being taught.”

The teacher didn’t seem to mind, telling Enock he could stay. And according to Buzzfeed, dad even gave his daughter additional homework after the class.

People are loving the story — on Twitter, Omete’s tweet has garnered over 45,000 retweets. But dad doesn’t really seem to understand his newfound fame. 

“We tried to explain to my father that he went viral but he had no idea what that means,” Omete told Buzzfeed.

But the best thing about this story is that the family, amid a devastating natural disaster, is safe. Omete says their home in Houston did not flood and although Kerubo was a little annoyed with dad, she’s happy her family is together.

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