We were excited to see another brown beauty, Logan West, crowned last week for Miss Teen USA. But the Jamaican and Czech 18-year-old Connecticut native is more than just a pretty face: West runs an anti-bully program called “Bully Proof,” is a classically trained dancer and might be on her way to study at the New York Film Academy.

We caught up with the beauty queen to talk about her style when she’s not decked in pageant gowns

My style is: Logan. There really is no other way to put it. I pick and pull off of mannequins, I can’t say I’m that girl that is good with colors and what shoes go with what, but I’m very relaxed, I’m very comfortable. I would much rather be in sneakers than heels…. Leggings are my favorite.

My favorite fashion piece: Coach sneakers. I wear Coach sneakers all the time. I think I got into it when I was in middle school, when my mom found a sale and bought them in every color — so high tops, low tops, you name them, I got them.

The one item I can’t live without is: Chapstick, especially because I don’t wear makeup all the time. I feel like I’m overdoing it if I put lip gloss on with no base, so Chapstick is my thing.

My last purchase was: This dress — I bought it yesterday. I went on a shopping spree and I got it from H&M. I’m a bargain shopper!

Next on my wish list: I’ve always wanted a pair of Christian Louboutin’s — I love them! The ones that have the studs on the toes. They’re dangerous but they’re so cute.

I feel most confident when I’m wearing: Jeans and a shirt, that’s when I’m the most comfortable. Yes, it’s good to be all glammed up and have that red carpet look, but I feel most comfortable and confident when I’m in just regular old everyday clothes.

You’ll catch me shopping at: Express, H&M, Nordstrom — we don’t have great shopping in Connecticut, so it’s whatever is in the mall. I pick and pull things from everywhere. I’ll pair an expensive shirt with cheap jeans; it all works out.

I draw style inspiration from: Jessica Alba! I love her clothes, I love her style. I follow her on Instagram, I’m like “What is she wearing?” Because she knows how to keep it really cool and relaxed without being overdone. She can go from wearing sneakers with an outfit to wearing heels and adding a jacket and hat and it changes up the whole piece. I just enjoy the comfort of her look — I’m all for comfortable clothes and she looks comfortable all the time.

Jeans I live in: Levi’s. I love Levi’s. Their fit is always right for me, I have a small waist but bigger hips and muscular thighs so their fit seems to always do well for my body and they fit snug but stretchy.

On my last trip I packed: Bikinis and maxi skirts. I like beading and patterns. I don’t really like plain swimsuits — a little bedazzle always works.

Learn more about Logan West at missuniverse.com.