This spring, expect to see an abundance of bold, vivid print dresses that will no doubt wake you out of your dreary one-hue slumber. With winter coming to a close, multi-color graphic prints and impressionistic blooming patterns will serve as a much needed optimistic antidote to all the LBDs we’ve been accustomed to this winter. Pulling off this punchy trend is possible for all women, which is another reason we’re really into it. Who doesn’t look and feel beautiful in lively patterns? Some things to keep in mind before you plunge in are obviously the fit and shape of the dress. You can throw a Van Gogh on a dress, but if doesn’t fit right, it just won’t work. Find a silhouette you already love and get it in a striking pattern–the bolder, the better! The best part? You don’t have to wait a couple of more months to show off this look. In fact, pairing tights and platform booties or knee-high boots with a short print dress is a cheeky contrasts. It creates a strong visual look that’s both feminine and cool. We’re sure there are some of you who suffer from print phobia, but we promise after taking a look at some of our favorite stars rocking the trend, you’ll be a convert! Read more: