With all the sadness and scandal going around lately it’s exciting to come across a feel-good story like that of the Connecticut-based Crouch quadruplets who all got accepted into Yale University, class of 2014.

Ray Crouch, 18, couldn’t believe his eyes when he logged onto the family computer and his screen turned blue. Yale Blue. The screen read: “Welcome to the class of 2014.” The same happened to his three siblings, Kenny, Carol and Martina. Their Nigerian-American mother Caroline was so excited she wrestled her husband to the ground. “My husband and I are very, very proud to see them and what they have accomplished,” she told a local newspaper.

Accepting quadruplets is a first for the university. Now the quads have to raise the money to attend, but their story is so special, we’re sure someone somewhere will make sure these kids get an Ivy League education.

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