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The Family Of Nick Gordon’s Girlfriend Is Worried For Her Life 

The Family Of Nick Gordon’s Girlfriend Is Worried For Her Life
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

In the wake of his latest arrest for domestic violence, the family of Nick Gordon’s partner says they are worried she may “end up dead like his previous girlfriend,” Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Gordon was arrested over the weekend for allegedly assaulting his current girlfriend, Laura Leal, after the police were called to his Florida residence. Gordon claimed Leal ripped his shirt and threw a bottle at him, but Leal told police her boyfriend had struck her in the face and pulled her hair after she picked him up from a local bar.

Though Leal refused to medical aid, one of the responding officers indicated Leal’s lip was swollen and had dried blood on it. He photographed her injuries. Gordon was taken into the custody after the incident a told not to contact Leal.

 According to TMZ, Leal’s family is afraid Gordon may continue to harm her, especially since she has asked the court to rescind the order preventing Gordon from contacting her.

“I would like to kindly ask you to lift the no-contact order that was placed against Nicholas Gordon and I,” Leal wrote to the judge overseeing Gordon’s case. “I am not in any kind of fear or danger being around him and would like to be able to contact him as soon as possible.”

Leal’s family, however, doesn’t agree. “She wants this bastard to kill her,” a source told TMZ. They also indicated Leal has cut off all communication with her family.

After Gordon’s arrest, Bobby Brown he would like to help Leal break free of Gordon, who was found liable for his daughter’s death in a 2016 civil trial.

“I personally would like to extend my hand to Ms. Leal and offer her services through our organization. I do not want to see any more families destroyed at the hands of domestic violence,” Brown said. “Domestic violence killed my daughter and on March 4, 2018, the Bobbi Kristina Brown Serenity House held our first event to strike back at domestic violence,” the singer continued. “I do not want any more women to suffer like my daughter did. We are here to assist and we hope to hear from Ms. Leal.”