Family Members Say Joe Jackson Is Doing Well After Stroke
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As Joe Jackson continues to recover following his July stroke, family members are saying that the Jackson patriarch is on his way to making a full recovery.

“[The] prognosis is good,” said Taj Jackson, the son of Tito, according to NBC New York. “He’s strong, and at the same time, he’s got Jackson hard-headedness of, like, when you’re supposed to take it easy, not taking it easy. So that’s the only thing I worry about.”

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Joe Jackson suffered a stroke two months ago while celebrating his 87th birthday in Brazil. He was admitted to a local hospital, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit. Janet Jackson postponed rehearsals for her world tour to attend to her father. After two weeks, he was released from the hospital and returned home to Los Angeles. 

We’re wishing you a speedy recovery, Joe!