Hannah Bell was waiting in line at a local burger joint in South Los Angeles with her mother when a man walked up and shot her several times.

The 15-year-old was struck at close range and rushed to a local hospital where she died. Now, her mother, Samantha Mays, is searching for justice.

“It was wrong to take my daughter, she was innocent,” Mays said during the news conference. “Come forward. It’ll be easier on you to give in and take your punishment like you deserve.”

Police have asked for the public’s help in solving the case and city officials have announced a 50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, ABC 7 reports.

“I hope that this community will come out, show their anger, and their resentment, and denounce in the most fervent, way that this has to stop,” Los Angeles Police Department Captain Peter Whittingham told reporters. “This is not tolerated by anybody in this community.”

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Hannah’s brother, Markeis Jones, said his sister’s tragic death was devastating to their family. “I wouldn’t want this on my worse enemy, I wouldn’t want this on anybody,” he said.

While police are still searching for a motive for the Hannah’s murder, her cousin called the teen “the sweetest, most polite, most caring, loving person and member of our family,” while her said she will always be her angel.

“She will forever be remembered as my angel on my shirt,” Mays said during a vigil for her slain daughter. “This is how I see her, my beautiful baby.”

According to the Los Angeles Times Homicide Report, there have been 76 murders in Los Angeles this year, and Whittingham vowed to get justice for Hannah and her family.

“You don’t come into this community and shoot an innocent female and think you can get away with it. It will not happen,” he said. “It will only be a matter of time before the person responsible for this tragic senseless crime is brought to justice.”