Family Demands Answers After Buttocks Injections Kill Bronx Mother Of Two

Despite many cautionary tales of botched butt injections, a New York City woman lost her life after undergoing the procedure.

Now the doctor who performed the procedure is under investigation and arrests could be made soon, reports CBS New York. On July 15, just two weeks before celebrating her 32nd birthday, Latesha Bynum walked into an apartment building in lower Manhattan to receive the cosmetic enhancement.

Two hours after walking out, she became fatally ill.

According to Bynum’s brother, his sister “went to the hospital and couldn’t breathe…she was brain dead, and she had zero chance to basically come back from it.”

Bynum was assured the man who performed the procedure had the proper licenses. However, investigators have confirmed that he was not a licensed doctor.

A family lawyer claims the man used a Dunkin Donuts as his waiting room, where a fake nurse greeted Bynum.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce has identified all the people involved. “She went willingly. She had heard of this location from another friend of hers who had it done in February,” he shared with CBS New York.

Police are awaiting results from an autopsy.

Bynum was put on life support and died last Thursday, leaving behind two children. Friends and family have created a memorial for Bynum outside her childhood home in the Bronx.  

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