Faith Evans is yet another celebrity who has landed herself in trouble over unpaid taxes.

Reports from TMZ allege earlier this year the state of California billed Evans with a $29,535.48 tax lien that has been unpaid since 2011. This is not the first of Evans money woes. In 2010, the famed R&B singer and widow of Notorious B.I.G was forced to pay the IRS more than $360,000 in taxes that dated back to 2008.

Evans is not the first celebrity to be slapped with a bill over delinquent taxes. Grammy award winning singer and rapper Lauryn Hill was recently sentenced to three months in state prison for tax evasion of nearly $1 million.

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Just as her name suggests, we know Evan’s faith will help her overcome this small infraction. In a recent interview with ESSENCE, Evans shared just how instrumental her faith has been in her 20-year long career. “I’ve always been very grounded in my faith in God, who has helped me sustain things that have come before me. God has a way of enabling you to overcome.”

Evans, who is also co-executive producer of the hit reality television show “R&B Divas”, has much to look forward to in the future. This summer Evans will take to the stage at the ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans. She says she’s looking forward to giving her fans a little something more than what she’s recorded on her five albums. “My fans like to hear songs from my records, but I know where the right places are to switch it up. I give them more than what they’ve heard on the record.”

We look forward to seeing Evans rock out at the ESSENCE Festival.