Faith Evans Hopes LAPD Reopens Biggie’s Murder Investigation
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It has been nearly 20 years since Biggie was fatally gunned down in Los Angeles, and Faith Evans is still searching for answers.

Evans, who was married to Biggie at the time of his death, appeared on HuffPost Live last week, where she opened up about the various conspiracy theories surrounding the rapper’s death.

“[Biggie’s mom] and I know that justice may never be served,” Evans said. “We know that Biggie was murdered, but we believe that the LAPD knows who was responsible. That’s what we believe.”

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Surprisingly, Evans doesn’t think that the music industry played a role in the fatal shooting, though many suspect that the infamous East Coast/West Coast beef was a catalyst in the shooting.

“I don’t think that situation was the result of being in the music business,” Evans said. “It’s a little deeper than that. I think all the things that came with it definitely added to the hype of things. The whole media element, and people being able to say what they think and not be accurate.”

The singer told host Nancy Redd that she would love for the city’s police to reopen their investigation into Biggie’s death, but she doesn’t suspect that that will happen. In the meantime, Evans hopes to carry on his influence.

“We’re just happy that we’re still here and able to preserve his legacy and [ensure that] his kids are happy and living great lives,” she said. “They realize the importance that he played on not only his short time on this earth, but his even shorter time on the music industry. He definitely built something for them.”