You’ll Never Guess Faith Evans’ 90’s Beauty Secret
Paras Griffin/Getty Images for 2016 Essence Festival

Let the record show that Sean “Diddy’ Combs loves himself some melanin! At the 2016 ESSENCE Festival, the rapper-turned-mogul took the stage with his Bad Boy Crew and their First Lady, Faith Evans, to belt out some of our favorite jams from the 90s, and they brought the house down.

After singer Faith Evans made us melt with her classic hit “Soon as I Get Home” she was joined on stage by Puff, and mentioned that Puff “used to make me go tanning because he said I was too light skinned.”

Jokingly Puff replied, “You gotta’ put your best foot forward.”

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“Yea, your best skin tone apparently,” Evans replied with a laugh, as they engaged in a friendly embrace. 

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Here at ESSENCE, we’re big advocates for self-love and loving your melanin, but we totally get wanting to bronze up your brown skin come summertime. If you’re considering tanning, ditch tanning booths and long days baking in the sun and try spray tans instead. You’ll get all of the color payoff without the harmful exposure to harmfulUVA and UVB rays. Yes—Black girls can spray tan too!