EXCLUSIVE: Watch New Short Film ‘Sacred Heart’ from Executive Producer Jussie Smollett
Sharon Mor Yosef

ESSENCE has teamed up with executive producer Jussie Smollett to bring you a special gift for Valentine’s Day—a great new film to curl up to.

Smollett shares a first look at Sacred Heart, an award-winning short film he executive produced that will be released on Valentine’s Day online. The film tells the story of a scorned woman who tries to outrun a broken heart by leaving her husband behind in Chicago and fleeing to Paris for a payback affair. So juicy. So real. The drama seamlessly marries sexual tension and suspense as the heroine’s affair leads her down many unexpected paths.

Smollett was instantly attracted to the project and tells us he signed on the moment he read the script. “It intrigued me to take a glimpse into the fantasies of women of all backgrounds,” says Smollett. “Jennia has woven it all together in a way that is sexy, sweet and all that’s in between. These are stories that I want to see—showing our women in a beautiful, sexy, strong light.” Amen.

The film was written and directed by Jennia Fredrique and marks the launch of an ongoing series spotlighting stories of fantasy, love and lust through the eyes of different women of all cultures and races. Sacred heart means Sacre Coeur in French and the movie was filmed in the historical Sacre Coeur area of Paris. the cinematography and storytelling will instantly compell you to watch what happens next. You’ll notice the color red appears in every scene.

To purchase the film and get more info and products visit SacredHeartFilm.com. In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive first look from us.


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