Tonight’s season 7 finale of BET’s The Game isn’t just exciting because Chardonnay and Jason are throwing their dream wedding (that’s sure to go off with a hitch), but It’s also the fan’s last chance to see the sexy cast before the summer break. Translation: You’ve got one more evening with Blue, ladies!

Jay Ellis, the smooth new actor who brings the character to life, is just as hot (and smart!) as his onscreen counterpart, so we couldn’t wait to get him in our Ask A Brother chair. Relationships Editor Charli Penn grilled Ellis with your burning dating questions: You know, what makes a good boyfriend? Why do men text instead of call? And, what exactly do guys consider “red flags”?

Plus, he revealed what he finds as sexy as we find him. “A woman is at her sexiest in two ways to me,” Ellis explains. “It’s typically like mornings for me; there’s something super sexy about a woman waking up to me. Also, when she’s being vulnerable.” Aww.

For more answers, check out this sweet and though-provoking interview with Ellis.