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EXCLUSIVE: Shuggie Otis Explains His Hiatus from the Music Industry

The singer behind "Strawberry Letter 23" returns to the spotlight after more than two decades away.

Shuggie Otis’ now iconic hit “Strawberry Letter 23” was penned in 1971 and quickly made the musician a star. Known as a pioneer of psychedelic soul, Otis released three albums during a brief, but accomplished, career in the 60s and 70s.  Then he disappeared, occasionally performing, and always recording but never releasing new material. And yet his legacy lived on. His music has been sampled by the likes of Beyonce, Outkast and Mos Def.

Now ready to get back in the spotlight, Otis is releasing a new album Inspiration Information/ Wings Of Love (out April 16) featuring nine songs from his 1974 Inspiration Information and 14 previously unreleased tracks recorded between 1975 and 2000.

In this exclusive video, Otis explains why he left the limelight.