Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis’ love story spanned over five decades and continues to inspire generations to believe in true love and the power and happiness it brings.

Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee is a new documentary that carries the legacy of Ruby and Ossie’s love forward for the first time in feature form. The story, told through the eyes of their grandson, Muta’Ali, is filled with never-before-seen family archival material and interviews with Ruby and Ossie, who share their thoughts on love, life and success. The film will make its world premiere on June 22 at Film Life’s 18th Annual American Black Film Festival in Manhattan. Davis passed away on February 4th 2005 in Florida while Dee passed away nine years later on June 11, 2014 at their home in New Rochelle, New York.

Muta’Ali created the documentary as gift to his grandmother for her 90th birthday in October 2012. He hopes it will create a message of love, art and activism.

Muta’Ali gave us a sneak peak, sharing exclusive photos and sound bites from some of Ruby and Ossie’s interviews.