She’s been busy on the red carpet, but in recent years supermodel Veronica Webb has avoided the catwalk. All that changed late last month when the beauty returned to the runway for the first time in five years. She made her runway debut at the Lingerie New York 2010 show, hosted by the Steven Bar Foundation. Webb literally shined on the runway in her custom-made outfit: the Hennessy Black ‘Light Goddess’ Corset, which featured LED panels, latex, leather and “Space Lace.” To celebrate her return, Hennessy enlisted their international mixologist to work with Webb to create a signature cocktail, the “Silk Webb,” which was served to guests. How did this triumphant return to the runway feel? We caught up with her to find out — in an exclusive interview… ESSENCE.COM: What did it feel like walking again after five years? VERONICA WEBB: My heart was POUNDING!!! The Hennessy Black “Light Goddess” Corset was such a special piece that my nervousness turned into excitement. ESSENCE.COM: Why this event and why now? WEBB: I’m an entrepreneur. I started my business as a fashion model with a small loan from my uncle, John James. For me, to be able to join up with the Seven Bar Foundation and help empower women to become self-sufficient was an incredible opportunity for me. ESSENCE.COM: What did you love about the corset? WEBB: It was so sexy and so feminine, and the proportions were so curvy and lush. I love designers and artisans, so for an emerging designer like Dara Young to have the support of Hennessy Design House so she could create freely was an exciting process to be involved in from start to finish. ESSENCE.COM: Is this the beginning of a resurgence on the catwalk for you? WEBB: We’ll see!

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