Eva Marcille is working hard to set herself apart from the current reality TV divas capitalizing on their 15 minutes of fame. The model tells Humor Mill her show won’t be like Basketball Wives.

“We have each other to help out, so it’s not like the wives clubs of basketball or of sports,” she said. “But it’s the friendship club of life and I think all women can relate to that no matter what it is that you do.” The budding actress says the show will also follow her as she goes on audition after audition seeking work. “Sometimes it’s an epic failure and my friends pick me up.”

Marcille maintains that her show, tentatively titled Taking Hollywood, won’t be produced like some of the other popular ones. “You’ll see the glitz and glamor of the finished product of what Hollywood gives, but you never really see the true struggle,” she suggests. “It’s a completely different moment so you get to see from what you thought something was to seeing the full spectrum of what life in entertainment really is.”

When her reality show debuts in the coming months, will you be watching?


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