ESSENCE Readers: ‘What I’m Thankful For This Holiday Season’

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays because it asks us to take a step back and take stock of all the blessings we’ve received throughout the year. We asked ESSENCE readers what they’re thankful for this holiday season.

Here’s what you said:

Heather S. writes: My grandmother who turned 94 years old today. Blessed to still have her in my life.

Felecia W. writes: A good husband, two healthy and happy boys and good health for my entire family!

Jeannie O. writes: I am thankful for my family and friends and to wake up to see another day.

Janice W. writes: I am thankful for knowing God and his son Jesus Christ, life, family, good friends.

Taz M. writes: My God, my family, my friends, and all of our growth & strength through trials and tribulations.

Johnnie M. writes: I am thankful for life that God has granted to me amnd my family and friends.

Lavern M. writes: My everyday blessings ,my kids family and friends …And of course life…Amen.

Alisa E. writes: My loving and healthy family (blessed to still have mom and dad) and financial stability.

Sherrell W. writes: I am thankful for Jesus, my grandma, my family, friends, my job, my students, my neighbors, and anyone who has played a large or small part in my life.

Wendy D. writes: I am thankful for my sister and friends. They have been my backbone even when others criticized me.

Marisol A. writes: I am thankful for my family, friends and the ability to learn and grow from them through Jesus and God.

ShaLanda W. writes: Life, I have lost too many immediate family members within the last three years not to appreciate the gift God gives me every single day.

Dee W. writes: I’m thankful for the time I’m spending with family/ friends on the East Coast once again for Thanksgiving!

Monica M. writes: I’m thankful for my son, my mom, and my extended family and friends. I’m thankful for my God to see me through another Thanksgiving. And I’m thankful for everything that he has given me this far.

Sharon A. writes: I am thankful to have a relationship with God. Thankful to have my life and good health and thankful to have family and close friends.

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