ESSENCE Poll: Would You Want to Know If Someone Died in Your House?
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Halloween is just 24 hours away and with the impending night of little ghouls and goblins roaming the streets brings fright and terror to the air.

And when we begin to think about spooky things this time of year, our attention often turns to haunted houses. Which begs us to ask: Do you know if someone has ever died in your home?

Well, for those curious (and brave enough) souls out there, you should know there’s a new website everyone’s talking about that will run down the creepy history of your house for a small fee.

It’s called and it will dig up all the creepy dirt on your home. No pun intended.

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As the Huffington Post shares, the website is perfect for those house hunting or those simply looking for a haunted house.

If only the characters from the first season of American Horror Story had this site to use!

Would you want to know if someone died in your house? If you have a spooky house story tell us in the comments!

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