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ESSENCE Poll: Would You Stay If He Cheated?

Is cheating a deal breaker in your relationship?

The show Cheaters gave the world plenty of examples of what happens when someone cheats. Boiling emotions, violent outbursts often resulting in the termination of a relationship, cheating is a deal breaker for most couples. 

This morning, PageSix announced the alleged news that singer Ciara is ending her engagement with her rapper fiance, Future. Say it ain’t so! The couple recently welcomed their son into the world, Future Jr., and the new mommy just graced the cover of Brides magazine. But things haven’t been all love and lace in their relationship thus far. According to a source, “He cheated on her. Game Over.”

And as sad as it makes us that this new family may be calling it quits already, we want to know how you feel about this dreaded relationship faux pas. Would you stay if he cheated? Take our poll and let us know what would make you stay or leave.  

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