ESSENCE Poll: Would You Date a Man With Several Kids?
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A Tennessee man with 22 children, by 14 different women, is making headlines this week because he is being sued in one of Nashville’s biggest child support cases to date. And worse, he says he’s filming a reality TV show about his life.

In a recent interview, Orlando Shaw insists that he’s a good father who loves his kids but says he just can’t afford to support them all. His comments have drawn criticism from both sides. Some say that no woman who has a child with a man with that many kids should expect him to have the means to financially support he child, while others insist it will always be his responsibility, and say he shouldn’t get a pass.

This is not the first time a story like this has made the news. In early 2013, Oxygen cancelled plans to air a reality special about Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo and the ten mothers of is 11 children after public outcry and a popular online petition claimed it promoted demeaning stereotypes about Black people.

With the average cost of raising a child in the U.S. steadily climbing each year, could you take a man with multiple children seriously?

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