A new study from the Pew Research Center found that American women are increasingly outearning their husbands.

The study—taken from analysis of data from the U.S. Census Bureau—found that 40% of American women are the primary breadwinners in households with children under 18, up from 11% in 1960.  Though most of the households in this category are headed by single mothers (8.6 million or 63%), the number of married women (5.1 million or 37 %) bringing in more income than their husbands is also on the rise.

The study also found that when mom makes more money than dad, the total family income is often higher because mom likely has more education.

Surprisingly, the American public still isn’t so sold on the idea of a working mother.  About 74% of adults say the increasing number of working women has made it harder for parents to raise children, and half say that it has made marriages harder to succeed.

The change is being driven by demographic shifts like the rising number of women in the American workplace (currently at 47%) and the fact that more women hold bachelor’s degrees than men. Traditionally male industries like manufacturing and construction have also taken a hit—further adding to the economic shifts among men and women.

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