A Pennsylvania mom is making headlines after posting a picture of herself breastfeeding both her son and a friend’s son.

According to People, Jessica Anne Colletti, 27, says she’s only doing what comes naturally.

“I think people have misinformation and fear,” says Colletti. “They think it’s gross bodily fluid that shouldn’t be shared or transferred in any way. And I can understand, if people are receiving donated breast milk, they want to have it tested, but if you know the mother directly and she’s healthy, and you know everything about her, it’s a perfectly healthy relationship to have.”

Colletti has been babysitting her best friend Charlie Interrante’s 18-month-old son Mateo since he was 5 months old. When Mateo gets hungry she treats him just as she would her own son by breastfeeding him. The set up is working out well as Interrante has just moved in with Colletti and her husband.

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As a nod to World Breastfeeding Week, the picture was posted on pro-breastfeeding blog, “Mama Bean Unconditional Attachment.” Colletti is condemning news outlets and the public for sexualizing breastfeeding and referring to it as something that’s unnatural.

Breastfeeding practices are different for every mom. Some trust other close friends to step in for them while others wouldn’t even consider it.

So where do you stand? Would you allow a friend to breastfeed for you? Would it only be an option if you couldn’t produce milk or is another mom’s milk always off limits? Sound off below!

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