ESSENCE Poll: Why Are We So Invested in Celebrity Relationships?
Larry Busacca/PW/WireImage for Parkwood Entertainment

We love to hate certain celebrities, especially when they’re in high-profile relationships. 

These days, Beyonce and Jay Z are at the center of the rumor mill. Are they staying together? Are they miserable on the On The Run tour? Is Beyoncé looking for a new apartment? Is Rihanna involved? Or is everything fine between them? Who knows!

Although the Carters have remained mum on the subject, and no official statement has been released, rumors have been steadily spreading about how rocky their relationship is. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve gone down this road. Remember when we all took a collective gasp when we heard that Will and Jada were reportedly splitting up? Or even more recently, the rumors about Kim Kardashian being unhappily married to Kanye West?

Between tabloids and the internet, we’ve been trash talking celebrity couples forever. But what’s the reason behind all of it? Do we find it entertaining? Are we inspired by their happy moments? Do we try to live vicariously through them? Let us know your thoughts below. 

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