ESSENCE Poll: Whose Arms Do You Want to Fall Into?

Sometimes there’s nothing more comforting and sexy than falling into the arms of a strong man—especially if he prevents a nasty accident.

Yesterday, President Barack Obama caught a fainting pregnant woman during his speech. His quick thinking and grace prevented the woman from taking a nasty spill.

And on top of being the incredible man he is, Obama stopped his speech to ensure that the lightheaded woman was alright. “You’re OK. I’m right here. I got you,” he said to the woman calming her nerves (and ours!).

The president’s chivalrous act got our fantasy wheels turning. Everyone has their ideal knight in shining armor who they wish would save the day when they’re in trouble.

If it’s not the ever-smooth and yummy Morris Chestnut, it’s the hilarious but compassionate Will Smith. Perhaps the striking 6’4″ Boris Kodjoe or the incredibly romantic and poetic Common? And who could forget Idris Elba—any woman would be lucky to fall into those British guns!

So tell us, whose arms would you want to fall into if you were ever in need of help? Don’t see your choice listed, add it in the comments section below!

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