ESSENCE Poll: Who Do You Call On During Hard Times?

Last night on Mary Mary’s reality show, Tina Campbell’s husband Teddy revealed that he had not one, but multiple indiscretions during their marriage. His revelation came days before the gospel duo’s Ebony cover story—which included Tina opening up about her husband’s affair—hit stands.

In her interview, Tina also told the magazine that she planned to stand by her husband, however, after learning the full story, she was no longer sure. Having to put on a brave face for her children at home and for the public during performances, proved to be a struggle for the singer. Her sister, Erica Campbell, shared that their mother has always been Tina’s go-to whenever she’s going through hard times.

We all have that one person we know we can lean on when life gets to be too heavy. Who’s yours?

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