ESSENCE Poll: Where Does Your Resilience Come From?
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The notion that Black women are strong and able to cope with many things isn’t a new one, yet a new study reveals that this idea does have merit.

A study in the Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities found that Black women reported the highest number of stressful life events while White men reported the least exposure to stress, reports the Huffington Post. The study shows that although Black women face the most stress, White men are the most susceptible to depression.

What sets Black women a part when it comes to stress is the ability to cope.

“You start developing a type of resistance to it,” said lead study author Dr. Shervin Assari. “After some types of very severe stressors, people transform.”

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When a person shows resilience or emerges from a traumatic experience stronger, this is known as post-traumatic growth and Black women seem to have mastered it.

Whether it’s your belief in a higher power, your support system or an innate sense of strength, what do you believe makes you resilient?

Let us know below.

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