A meme featuring a Korean family shaming Black women’s spending habits resurfaced on social media this week. 

The meme’s full text reads:

“The Korean family would like to thank Black women for taking the money they could use to send their kids to the best colleges and spending it on fake hair so we can send ours! Your insecurity and lack of racial pride has made us rich. You go girl!”

The obsession with how Black women spend their money is baffling. No one (outside of maybe family) has the right to question or make us feel bad about how where we spend our disposable income, especially if we’re being financially responsible otherwise. 

After we got over the initial upset of another stereotyped meme about Black women, we did begin to wonder where we’re spending our disposable income. Are we really all spending money on beauty and hair (although that’s more of a woman thing than a Black woman thing), or are we giving our money to our churches through tithes, clothing stores, travel?

Where are you spending your disposable income? Share below! #nojudgement

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