ESSENCE Poll: Where Are You Checking Your Phone Most?
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It’s no secret that most of us are addicted to our cell phones. They stopped being merely a tool for phone calls and text messages long ago. For many of us, it’s our main line. We can use it to check our emails, share stories on Facebook, Instagram our lunch, live-tweet about Scandal, play Candy Crush, listen to music and more. 

BuzzFeed recently reported that data from the app Locket shows the average user checks his or her phone 110 times per day. Spread out over 12 hours, that means we’re on our phones every six or seven minutes!

Do we really have that much downtime or have we allowed our addiction to take over other aspects of our life? When and where are you checking your phone? Is it at your desk when your boss and/or teacher isn’t looking? Are you texting during your morning jog? Hopping out of the shower to answer a call? Rolling over in the middle of the night (or worse during sex!) to check your notifications?

Take our poll and let us know! 

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