Following the tragic events in Paris Friday, people everywhere are pouring out messages of support and solidarity to not only Paris, but countries like Kenya, Beruit and Japan who have also experienced disasterous events recently.

One of the biggest themes has been spreading love and also a deep concern for the level of hate, danger, violence and strife the world sees today.

Many people expressed a desire to hold their families closer and simply be more conscious about the things they may be taking for granted.

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In the aftermath of an event such as the terrorist attacks on Paris, when we’re all a little bit more fragile, how do you cope with the fear, frustration or questions you may have?

Do you turn to your family for hope? Is it your faith that keeps you grounded? Or have you found yourself in a position where you’re immune to it all?

When tragedy strikes, even if your’e not directly affected, how do you cope?

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