When do you feel the ugliest? Such is the premise of a new study floating about the Internets commissioned by a media planning agency.

The study lists the times and occasions when American women feel the “most vulnerable about their appearance” because, ya know, this can help marketers target us when we’re feeling the crappiest.

But we’re kinda curious about the findings. The fact that 46 percent of women feel their ugliest on a Monday is not surprising. But 39 percent of women feeling horrible on a Sunday is intriguing. Sunday, for many of us, is a day of rejuvenation. There’s church (if you’re religious), brunch with friends, Super Soul Sundays on OWN (Oprah’s on to something) and you can catch up on TV, guilt-free.

So instead of focusing on the ugly, we want to know when you feel most attractive—because, after all, there’s no need to dwell on the negative. Share your thoughts and comments with us below. [poll id=389521]