ESSENCE Poll: When Did You Recognize You Are a Black Girl Who Rocks?
Brad Barket/BET/Getty Images for BET

Every year Black Girls Rock! leaves us feeling inspired and proud to be Black girls, sisters, and women who rock.

Watching women of all ages join together to celebrate Black women making a difference is truly a sight to behold. Who can ever forget moments like Queen Latifah screaming “I’m a Black girl and I rockkkk!” during her acceptance speech?

What’s great about the BGR movement is it helps spread a message that you don’t have to be a celebrity to be a Black girl who rocks!

So today we want to know, when did you recognize that you were a Black girl who rocks? Was it when you got into your dream school or walked across the stage at graduation? When you had your first child or got that promotion at work? Or maybe it’s simply when were able to look into the mirror and be proud of the person looking back at you. Let us know below and rock on.

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