ESSENCE Poll: What’s Your Worst Travel Nightmare?
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Traveling and the holiday season go hand in hand. Unfortunately driving, flying, or taking the train, all come with their set of risks — most of which you can’t predict! Just ask the passengers from the 400 flights that were cancelled in the Dallas-Fort Worth area this morning. 

The impending national snow storm on the brink of Thanksgiving is nothing short of a traveling nightmare. Bad weather goes right up there with; car accidentd, gridlocked traffic, train delays, and lost luggage, when it comes to traveling woes. The chances of these fears coming true only amplifies when everyone has to get to their destination on the same day. All it takes is one glitch to turn someone’s Happy Thanksgiving into a frustrating one. So today as we prepare to pack our bags, and possibly re-book our flights, we want to know — what’s your worst travel nightmare?

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