ESSENCE Poll: What’s Your Favorite Heartbreak Album?
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From the sound of it, Robin Thicke’s upcoming album, Paula (yes, named after his now estranged wife Paula Patton) is on its way to joining the list of ever-growing heatbreak albums.

His new video for the album’s first single “Get her Back” definitely sets a dark, broken tone. In the video you see the R&B crooner looking into the camera singing the songs pleading lyrics while text messages (that allude to be conversations between he and Patton during their downfall) pop up on the screen with phrases like “You embarrassed me,” “You drink too much, “I hate myself,” “I wrote a whole album about you,” and more.

While breakups can be terrible experiences, they often push some musicians to create their best work. Think Usher’s Confessions or Adele’s 21—both of which went on to sell over 10 million copies and win a Grammy; Marivn Gaye’s Here, My Dear (an album he put out to pay his ex-wife the money he owed her); and Lauryn Hill’s MTV Unplugged 2.0 (those raw performances still give us chills). What’s your favorite heartbreak album?

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