Divorce often leaves everyone picking up the pieces. From finances to dating, the challenges to start all over can be overwhelming.

While speaking at a gala for the Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation, Tina Knowles opened up about how she had to adjust to the dating scene following her very public divorce from Mathew Knowles in 2011 after 31 years of marriage. “The whole thing about dating was the scariest thing in the world,” admitted Knowles. “And I would tell my friends, ‘I’m never going to find anyone. Where am I going to find someone? By now, I’m 59-years-old, where do you meet men?'”

The news that her ex-husband was getting remarried in 2013 brought on new feelings. “It still hurts a little bit, right? she said. “It’s still a blow to your ego.” 

Knowles’ inspirational speech got us thinking: What is the toughest thing about getting back out there after a divorce? Is it the heartbreak? The fact that your ex might be moving on, or the fear you may never find a suitable partner? Take our poll and let us know. 

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