ESSENCE POLL: What Was the Most Shocking Moment of 2012?
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When 2012 kicked off, who knew it would lead to so many tears and devastating moments from across Hollywood and in sports?

Since January we’ve seen a number of stars pass away, including pop star Whitney Houston. At the age of 48, the singer drowned at her Beverly Hilton hotel room the night before the Grammys. Because her death left so many in a state of peril, she became the most Googled name in 2012.

But as the number of Hollywood deaths grew, so did the scandals that rocked and tugged at the heart strings of America. Former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky’s child sexual abuse case dropped jaws as the details unfolded and, even more shockingly, was how few opened their mouths to put a stop it. The same feeling was felt when four young men came out and accused Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash of sexual misconduct.

Not to forget, Lance Armstrong who was unceremoniously stripped of his gold medals and the Cleveland bus driver who lost his couth and delivered a stinging uppercut to his female passenger. On top of that, Lauryn Hill’s tax troubles kept her in the headlines. On the romance front, Eveyln Lozada and Chad Johnson’s and Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationships kept us chatting and buzzing about what they’ll do next  — or, if they’ll survive.

So we must ask, what was the most shocking event or headline of 2012?

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