ESSENCE Poll: What Type of Dates do You Enjoy the Most With Your Significant Other?


When it comes to date night, Jordin Sparks revealed that she and her beau Sage the Gemini like to keep things low-key. What does date night look like for you and your significant other?

Dominique Hobdy Aug, 17, 2015

Jordin Sparks likes to keep things low-key with her beau, Sage the Gemini.

According to People, the star opened up about her relationship with the rapper saying that when it comes to date night, she never worries about having to go all out.

“He’s a great guy. He makes me smile every single day,” Sparks said. “He’s just very low-key and down to Earth as well. We don’t have to always worry about getting up and getting ready or feeling like we have to.”

The singer says their favorite activities are watching cartoons, eating pizza and bowling.

Sometimes the simple things really are the sweetest.

When it comes to date night for you and your significant other how do you spend it? Are you all about extravagant displays of affection, adventurous excursions, keeping things casual or switching it up?

Let us know!

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