ESSENCE Poll: What Matters Most When Deciding if a Teen Should Date?
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On last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, buddies Nene and Cynthia had a disagreement over Cynthia’s decision to let her then 13-year-old daughter Noelle date while the ladies vacationed in Savannah, Ga.

Earlier this season we watched Cynthia, Peter, and Noelle’s father Leon tackle her want to date 13-year-old Arthur head on. They met him and his parents, questioned their children’s intentions, and laid down the rules of what their “supervised dating” would entail. Cynthia and Arthur’s mother also had a private talk to ensure they were on the same page about the relationship.

Back in Savannah, Nene stood firm that 13 is too young for anyone to be dating. The group’s debate on the topic eventually left Cynthia in tears.

What do you think matters most when deciding if a teen should date, their age or maturity?

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