ESSENCE Poll: What Makes Your Marriage Worth Fighting For?

Scandal never fails to amaze us. Just when we thought Olivia and Fitz were gearing up to weather the storm together, Mellie made her way back into the White House.

It seems that no matter how many times Fitz and Mellie seem to be over, their marriage survives.

Whether they’re going through a traumatic experience like losing their only son, or trying to protect their White House legacy, Fitz and Mellie seem bound by forces that are sometimes bigger than them.

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Couples in the real world may not have the same type of hardships (read: drama) in their relationship as Fitz and Mellie, but every marriage comes up against challenges of its own.

What is it that makes you want to stick it out with your partner even in the tough times? Is it your love and respect for each other? Your children? The life you’ve built together? Let us know below.

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