ESSENCE Poll: What Kind of Thrill Seeker Are You?

Beyonce recently posted pictures on Instagram of her preparing to free fall down the side of Auckland, New Zealand’s sky tower. The singer looked completely at ease as she posed for a fun photo with her instructor before taking the 1,076 foot plunge. Talk about brave!

Mrs. Carter’s latest daring act has us wondering, what kind of thrill seeker are you? Are you an adrenaline junkie like Bey who likes the rush of sky diving, bungee jumping, or a spontaneous tattoo? Do your wild acts fall more into frisky behavior like being naughty in a semi-public place or joining the mile high club? Or perhaps you’re more of an adventurer who’s courageous acts include exploring foreign places or mountain climbing in Peru? We want to know! Feel free to tell us more in the comments section.

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