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ESSENCE Poll: What Do You Think the Secret Is to Living a Long Life?

Is it faith? Spending time with loved ones? Or a passion for quality red wine?
ESSENCE Poll: What Do You Think the Secret Is to Living a Long Life?
AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Elisha Anderson

We always read about the mythical fountain of youth, but Jeralean Talley might have actually found it. After the passing of a 116-year-old woman yesterday, 115-year-old Talley was officially named the oldest person alive.

Born in 1899 and currently living at her Detroit home, Talley is the proud matriarch of five generations of offspring. Her family members and friends say that although she can’t get around like she used to (even though she mowed her own lawn up until 10 years ago), her mind is still incredibly sharp. So what’s her secret to living a long and healthy life? Living by the golden rule, her love for fishing (she goes on a yearly fishing trip with family friends)… and pork.

In addition to snacking on pork—she’s particularly a fan of hog’s head cheese—she loves to sew, go to the casino and tune into The Ellen Degeneres Show. She still goes to church every Sunday and even occassionally helps look after her 2-year-old great-great-grandson.

“I feel good,” she said in an interview with TIME. “I don’t feel sick. I’m still trying to do the right thing is all.”

What do you think will be your secret to living to 116 (or beyond!)? Are you someone who thinks that your healthy lifestyle will pay off decades down the road, or do you think laughing with friends and family will take you far in life? Take our poll and let us know what will keep you forever young.

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