ESSENCE Poll: What Do You Think of the Jury Selection in George Zimmerman’s Trial?
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An all-female jury has been selected to deliberate in George Zimmerman’s murder trial beginning next Monday. Five of the jurors are white; the sixth is described as “a minority.” It’s not yet clear whether the sixth juror is Black or Hispanic.

The jury will decide whether Zimmerman, 29, is guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, 17, last year or whether he acted in self-defense.

At a press conference following the jury selection, Zimmerman’s lawyer was asked how he would respond to people who are upset that there are “no Black jurors on the panel.”

“I would tell them to look at the questioning,” said Mark O’Mara. “People can look at it and have this reaction: there’s no Blacks on the jury, there’s no this, or there’s no that, tell me we did something wrong in the process and I’ll disagree with you.”

O’Mara added that the jurors were “race neutral.”

Ben Crump, a lawyer for the Martin family, said the family believes the jury is “impartial.”

“With the evidence that they have, they will return a verdict holding George Zimmerman accountable,” he said, adding that Trayvon’s parents “have so much faith in the justice system, they pray that it doesn’t fail them.”

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